Monday, 2 March 2015

Fine with Wasting Time


In a busy world of worn out faces, shattered dreams and forgotten places I stand in flowing fields knowing that if I yield to the rain that crashes into my brain something deep inside will change and take me further from the youth I seek. The truth this week is mine, small and short on time and once again I am guilty of the crime of waiting till the last line is drawn in the sand with my outstretched hand hating that the clock drives the boat that I am in. But "everything you do is a win", the words echo in my ears, through the bottleneck fears that stop the flow of original thought...i'm caught up in the moment...and not only do I own it...I love it and what if i could slow it down...forget about the crowds waiting to push their way through...something those precious seconds and turn them into something that is not beckoning me back to the busy day that I left behind. Im Fine with Wasting Time.

In a sea of songs and the child inside us all, this weeks song was a fun journey. A moment where not only the writing pulled me in and kept me locked in a room for hours on end, but the production demon that I swear would never take over...kinda did a little here. Hard to stop when you get started.

With 6 children of my own, finding time to write this little tune was no simple undertaking. Couple that with a metaphorical car crash of other things stuck on the roads of my brain waiting for a tow...I am happy with the final product...and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyones take on this weeks challenge.

Heading away to New York for this upcoming week and not sure where the next song will fit...maybe in the air...on the something new I learn and experience along the way.

Thanks for stopping by.

North Easton

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