Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm the words in your head

I have to say, right from the get go of this challenge, I was drawn in and excited. Writing from a whole other perspective and out of the comfort zone of writing what you feel yourself...well...that is songwriting growth right there.

I dove into this challenge with my co-writer Rosanne Baker Thornley. We did not have as much time as we would have liked to spend on this song, as we are both writing many other tunes during the week...with each other and with other writers...and still I am in my seven day song challenge and down to the wire...but that is another page...

I have had a chance to listen to other writers in the group share the songs they wrote...some incredible stuff...and I can empathize with the challenge it has been for others.

The mere fact that as many songs have been turned out over a week is a success story worth blogging about.

Bravo all.

There are many more words I would love to share...but the clock wont stop staring at me, and the night is running short.

All the best.

Here is this weeks challenge song from myself and Rosanne.

Look forward to next weeks challenge.

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