Sunday, 15 February 2015

Enter at Your Own Risk

Taking the leap from one state to another is no simple undertaking, especially when we don't fully understand where we are going to land. In a world of crowded thoughts I battle through the doubt and push aside the questions that hold me back...I close my eyes and jump through the clouds to the new ground below, armed only with the confidence that I will find footing as the air clears. 

This years Songwriting Challenge put on by the SAC finds me at the beginning of another challenge. Seven Day Songs is a commitment I began at the turn of 2015 where I would write and record a song each week for a year. And as I entered week 6 of my challenge, new information and a tidal wave of songwriting energy crashed into more than 100 songwriters here in Canada. 

Inspiration is a funny thing. It can attack without warning, from any angle and rob us of a much needed resource called sleep. But that is a great affliction to have. And if you are like me at all, when it strikes hard...when it bites down into the heart of your mind and wont let go until you reach physical exhaustion...well...for me...that is what I am looking for every time I sit down to write.

When Matt called out his challenge (and I can call him Matt cuz we are such good friends :) ) I did what most of you did. I started listening to the songs he mentioned as inspiration. I turned off my eyes and cranked my ears up loud and laid back basking in the heat of the hooks that other writers have shared with us all. 

As usual, my heart kept reaching out for my guitar, strumming, plucking, switching up keys, spitting out pieces of songs into my mobile phones recording application. I would scat, or mumble melodies over progressions until something stuck with me and compelled me to move to the next step. This is a common approach for me, and has served rather long after I began, I stumbled on a hook...


Regardless of the influences that Matt threw at us, or the ideas he spoke about...I am under a bit of a waterfall myself these days. It feels like gallons falling hard on my head at times as lifes little hiccups sink in and take hold. I started climbing towards the idea of taking risks like so many of the songwriters in this challenge are doing. Putting yourself out there is no easy feat, and my hat is off to every one of you who have pushed your comfort zone further than you thought possible. Way to go. It truly is the secret to growth...but back to my idea.

So my writing efforts with Matt's challenge will continue with my co-writer Rosanne Baker Thornley. We decided we would team up for that challenge as we have already worked together on a number of other tunes that came out sounding pretty good.

Turn - A song about prisoners looking back on the lives they left behind and the regret they had.

And more recently Deeper than Ink...

We have a number of other songs in the can, which is why I am looking forward to getting into the Matt Challenge.

In the meantime...back to my Seven Day Song idea...

We stand on the edge of things. Fears creep in. Our hands shake as nerves rattle and try and stop us from doing something we wouldn't normally do. Our breath quickens, our voice quivers, heartbeat pounds in our throats as beads of sweat form on foreheads and get ready to roll. We shake our heads, we take a step backwards, we second guess the next move we have. Our fists tighten, our eyes narrow as we block out the incoming thought of failure...dry mouth...butterfly stomach...take away...but sometimes...

We step forward and challenge the risk that stands in our way of leaping from the ledge into the arms of opportunity. We find calm, we focus, we gather strength from the moment and begin thriving on the adrenaline it creates. The corners of our mouths turn up as confident smiles push us over the edge and down to the waiting world below. It is here, in these moments, that new ground is uncovered, that the boundaries previously placed around us are broken and the freedom we experience is limitless. We fall, blindly into the dark...and we not only love it...we live for it.

SAC CHALLENGE SONG #1 - And Seven Day Song #6

copyright 2015 - north easton

How you gonna live your life like that
How you gonna live how you gonna live it.
How you gonna live your life like that

ON the edge, you stand, ready to jump
And in your head, a plan, to talk with the sun
And then you start, to lean, only live once,
Its hard to breathe, there's nowhere to run

And then you look, you learn, to live with your ghosts,
And then ya fight the urge, to never let go,
And then ya Tell yourself, its under control,
Swallow the fear and the heart in your throat.

How you gonna live your life like that
How you gonna live how you gonna live it.
How you gonna live your life like that
How you gonna live your life like that

Verse 2:

Your hands, shake, out on the ledge
And then you...tempt fate...and never forget
That every hard day... Full of regret
is a voice in a cage, waiting under your breath

So you Dig deep and look for the lights,
Cuz your cold feet are ready to fly
And ya cut free and follow the fight
When you give what you got and never think twice.

How you gonna live your life like that
How you gonna live how you gonna live it.
How you gonna live your life like that
How you gonna live your life like

ON your own,  you close your eyes
and then you fall forever,
ON your own, you come alive,
and then you fall forever,

Thanks for taking the time to read and listen to this weeks composition.

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Till next time,

North Easton

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  1. Amazing song, North. The video totally took me away - had to close my eyes to hear the song but glad I did!