Monday, 23 March 2015

Watchful Eye

The watchful eye as once again time closes in. I love seeing all these notifications of anxious songwriters posting their wares as if we are all opening up for business in some strange market place.

This week was certainly the most interesting of them all. Working two songs at the same time during March Break where my little minions were tugging me from all angles. I skied, I snowball fought, I shovelled, I travelled to Quebec City and spent time with great friends...oh ya...and wrote some music with some amazing people.

The Radio Song.

Got the whole song completed...and we didn't like Me and Rosanne Baker Thornley are getting to know each other as writers pretty well. We have done a number of co-writes and show no signs of slowing down. So when we both had a solid listen to what we had already created in Studio...we were both ready to go back to drawing board and start again.

With massive help from the super talented, dedicated Ted Onyszczak, we came in under the wire once again.

Invisible Stains (everybody's got a secret)

Keeping it to 3:30 was no problem. We did have a longer edit and went through the exercise of severing parts of our song. But as they landed on the floor, I was happy to see them go.

Starting with a chorus was an easier way to keep the song short. I love that structure. We decided to make an anthemic song. Something that the masses would sing or at least we hope they would.

Everyone of us holds something inside. A locked closet, a story under the rug, a memory that will never be shared.

Writing this song was

Had a blast.

Hope you all enjoyed your week as well.

Till next time,
North Easton

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