Monday, 9 March 2015

Step Up


I found myself standing in a room with 7000 people this week. All of them had come looking for something special within themselves. A search into the mind, body and soul. A new journey to not only break down the limiting beliefs of their worlds, but build new stronger connections to the most important things in our lives. Countless quotes from unbelievable speakers who not only charged the lives of the people standing before them, but recharged themselves as they stood there on the stage.

It would be impossible to share with you in intricate detail the experience that unfolded in New Jersey (just outside of New York City) without you being there...but I tell you this.

In all of my years, in all of my performances, in the thousands of people I have met along the way...I have never met someone as powerful, intelligent, passionate, and inspirational as the man I saw on stage at Unleash the Power Within. 

Some would say...cultish. Don't drink the koolaid.

Cynics to a better way of life. This journey was not to follow the man speaking on stage, but to find the best of ourselves as we delve back in to the everyday.

I'm all fired up, and with a very small window to write this song for this weeks challenge, how could I not honour the experience and write a song with one of the most important messages of the entire event.

Step Up. Step Up. Step Up.

North Easton is an award winning Canadian Singer Songwriter.

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