Monday, 25 March 2013

Where the sidewalk begins

As writers we dabble in the ink of our minds to smash new thoughts together, while maintaining enough familiarity not to lose the average heart and brain out there interested in listening to music. 

Some study the greats, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and Shel Silverstein. 

Shel Silverstein? you might wonder...Who is that? For those of you that recognize the picture already know. For those that don't, Shel is a staple in the rhyming universe for me. A very creative chidrens writer and artist. Sometimes his view on the little things breaks up the big things for me.

In this weeks journey I was twisting and turning, listening and learning as I pulled out his book and had a look at the thoughts that caught me staring and sharing in the years before. My eyes sore as the clock wouldn't stop, page after page you could hear a pin drop as I focused on lines, every rhyme, every thought, every unstable moment, like it or not I was trapped on the hook from this interesting book and with Pat by my side this whole ride...well it took many hours just to put the book down. 

Thats Right! I just did that. Some of you rolling your eyes or dotting your T's. 

Assignment #3
She Is Holding on To Every One Of My Tomorrows

Lay awake, and watch the day, creep in through the curtain
Theirs a certain light that hits her face that tears me up inside
Try and stay there quietly but its hard to sit there hurting
I Keep rehearsing what I'd say to her when there's nowhere left to hide

She is, Holding, on to every one of my tomorrows
She is, hoping, life will turn out just like in the novels
She is, She is.

We all grow at different speeds, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. And right now, at this very moment, we stand on the edge of exploration. Innocent, curious, no fear of danger as we explore the untravelled paths before us. Sure new songs will be created, new friends will be made, realizations of our own abilities will come clearer but no matter what...all of us will change a little or allot every day and the application of the new information we get to consume every moment is truly amazing. 

For me...I look forward to finding out, not where the sidewalk ends...but where it begins.

Till next time.

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