Monday, 1 April 2013

Back To School House Rock!

One of my favourite things about writing music has always been the freedom of creation and perspective. What one person says and means a certain way can be seen in a completely different light by another. How I sing a certain word, speak a particular phrase...I mean, who really takes the time to think about how each word inflects upon the others in the sentence? well...Pat Pattison does!

So back to school my brain went...and a further respect to the intricacy of language and the breakdown of how it all comes together. I'm probably not the only one to flashback to my early Saturday Morning Childhood and School House Rock. Hooky songs, with educational messages. (check em out if you get the chance...two of my fav's from the old days...Conjuction Junction and Pronouns...just click the pic)

At the time, I just sat in my chair and sang along, but now...all these years later, I was fascinated by the explanation and more importantly the spotlights created that now seem to make all the sense in the world.

Down to the wire, Race against the Clock, Behind the Eight Ball, Down for the Count, Weight of the World, Under the Strain, Hang on by a Thread, Make or Break, Pressure Cooker, In Over one's Head, The end of One's Rope, The Breaking Point, Under the Gun, Uphill Battle, Running on Empty, Up against it all!!!

These are all expressions that are painted in stress... the moments where we either sink or swim, fight back or fall down...they all hint at something that someone has to accomplish, go through, or endure. And the moment that Pat started talking about Stressed and Unstressed syllables, many of these expressions popped into my mind. I am fully aware that he was speaking of how we say the words in our lyrics and wasn't trying to instill these other thoughts on stress...but in my mind, they are quite closely related.

This course has been an eye opening experience to say the least. I have read many blogs, and listened to more songs in these last 5 weeks than I have in the last year. And every deadline that approaches creates a pressure, or a little stress if you will, to not only get it done, but get it done well. I found myself (like a few others that I have read) cramming once again at the end of a busy week. I have realized not only how to read stressed and unstressed syllables, but also how to gage my own stresses and unstressed moments a little better. Easter Weekend with 6 kids is a journey in itself. I took the time to create many different riddles for my children to solve so they could find each and every treat that was hidden throughout the house. Pulling an all nighter on Saturday night was not only exhausting, but unbelievably fun as I strung ribbon throughout the house for the children to unravel. So what does this have to do with this weeks course?

I completed my assignment in the wee hours of Sunday Night with cloudy eyes, and tired shoulders. Coffee stained breath, cramped fingers and a smile of my face that will not soon go away. I used last weeks song as requested so rather than share that here with those who have already had a listen...I thought it would be more fun to introduce you to my kids and a little song that was written for them. They starred in the video (as they have in quite a few of my projects) and this weekend as the snow pulled back from the grass and roads lay dry and stretched out before us...we climbed on structures, laughed in the wind, and found hidden treats far better than chocolate will ever be.

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  1. North...I enjoyed seeing your most beautiful creations, and your song showed them off perfectly.