Tuesday, 9 April 2013

One More Reason To Change

What was my expectation of the exploration and the information offered in this free online course?

Inspiration...education...and a combination of dedication and relaxation that would escalate my new creations and provide new foundations that would alleviate previous frustrations of standing still...so with little hesitation...i clicked ok!

And the ride has been everything I hoped so far...

Do you remember these bad boys?

There were over 7000 injuries and 4 deaths reported from these "JARTS" in the 70's and 80's. Launch em skyward and land them in a cheap little yellow ring. Horseshoes for the risk-takers. When the recall came, my family did what any well respected family would do...kept them and tested the boundaries.

The greatest things in our world today have come from exploration. Someone had to cover the ground first, cut through the trees, sail across the water, have an enormous lawn dart pierce right through a bare foot. The early Pioneers of invention and discovery...so chopping through the forest of Pat's videos this week has been a journey well worth taking. The coverage...the insight...the simple complexity of a worksheet to help collect thoughts, rhymes, structure and weight to the lyrical component of a song is brilliant.

If you are anything like me...at one point...songwriting was an absolute artform that could not be touched. The precious product of released creativity had to stay pure in its form. Whatever came out lived on the paper, in the mind and the heart of the song forever...a trophy on a shelf.

For me, it wasn't until 60 songs in..that my thought process in writing started to change. Writing a story about a song I was going to write...and then shrinking it down to a song using only all of the best parts.  Tapping all of the senses to think about an object...What it looked like, smelt like, tasted like, felt like, sounded like....involving Metaphor, Simile, Personification, Alliteration...and what a transformation this compilation of presentation has demonstrated to this writer. I tip my hat to the man and the classmates who have removed some of the wool from my eyes during these late night mornings. With shiny new tools, and a few that needed a little Silvo to bring back to life...I am excited for the days, weeks, months and years ahead, and the new creations that will find their way out of my heart and mind.

Assignment #5.

It all starts with boxes.

The song opens up on a girl running out of a house...late for something. Angry that she is running behind. She hears her own words in her head...guilty conscience...kinda like nails on a chalkboard. She heads in the same direction she always does, down to a bookstore where she frequents...not to buy books, but grab her cup of inspiration...caffeine rush, before she begins the day. She notices the same people, drinking coffee as they always do. Talking softly. This day plays out as it always has...seemingly nothing changes.
Enter Chorus:
One more reason to change, even the same old story needs a different ending.

Location..bus stop. Making small talk with the others waiting for transportation. Faking a smile while in her mind she is screaming out. Everything that happens next...she knows...Everyday is like the rest. She never thought that anything could last forever...but this seems like it is.
Enter Chorus:
One more reason to change, even the same old story needs a different ending.

The breakdown...staring out the window reflecting on a way to make it all change. (the music follows this sadness a little...less instruments more free lyric with soul) When you are tired of playing it out...close your eyes and rewind...Take a look at it all in a different way...and then...come to the realization and resolve...
Final Chorus:
One more reason to change...even the same old story needs a different ending.



Developing the worksheet was an eye opener for sure. The idea of key words being collected and rhymes of all types being searched out while considering the families and theme of the song itself was an excellent way to brainstorm where the song could lead. I put my own spin on Pat's design as there were more words I wanted to use to fully explore the idea of my song. The words I eventually used are all highlighted in blue on the worksheet below.

  If you are still reading my blog at this point...thank you. Here is the recording of this weeks assignment. Had allot of fun with this entire process and truly feel that new doors have opened because of it.




She's in a hurry , Feet through the back door,
Voices they play out like nails on a chalkboard
Following Footsteps, down to the bookstore
Where she opens her mind, turns the pages inside and sees

Everybody, drinking coffee talking softly
Holding on to the same old things
Every morning, just like a tape recording
always the same, nothing will change till ya

Say what you think right now and

One more reason to change,
Even the same old story,
Needs a different ending

Down at the busstop,
Chewing on small talk
under the smile on her face
She's screaming her head off
She knows whats coming next,
everyday is like the rest
She never thought that anything could every last forever
and it wont till She Sees

One more reason to change,
Even the same old story,
Needs a different ending

And when your tired of playing it out
Close your eyes and rewind
Take a look at it all..right...now and find..

One more reason to change,
even the same old story,
Needs a different ending (repeat x6)


Thats it for this weeks blog. Thank you for taking the time to have a read. Leave a comment if ya can.

Till next time,


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