Thursday, 14 March 2013

Stuck on the Stairs

Its funny the steps we take, in the world we wander. Each day another quest to make a out a dream...stand in the rooms we stand in...learning, watching, making something happen. There are many reasons people take the stairs in life. To grow, to explore, to reach new heights, to get in shape, stay in shape, realize how out of shape they are. Oh we take the stairs in so many different forms avoiding the escalators at times, the elevators, the easier way.

Week 2 is already an interesting set of steps that although I can see in my previous songs, I didn't plan them out so much. I think one of the greatest things about writing for me has always been...looking back at what you created and seeing new things YOU didn't even know you put there. There is a moment sometimes of greater power...a subconscious thought that just placed those words on the paper for me. For other writers...cue the grin...cause you know exactly what I am speaking of! Divine intervention? A message from another place? Most likely it is simply a collection of thoughts that formulate themselves while you sleep, work, play at something else. It truly makes me marvel at the depths of the human brain. But that is for another blog!!!

"Stuck on the stairs of this Two Story House. "
I can give you around 63,000 reasons why writing a song with this title didn't make allot of sense. I mean how many new Two Story House songs will there be? But my mind took on the challenge even while I slept. Despite the fact that I tried to feed it vast amounts of caffeine and sugar to spin it off in different directions...the damn thing tied me down and made me write a full song. I share it with you here...along with a few other random explosions of thought in my head.

The length of a line...the lift...the hold...the edge of your seat...the nail biting moments that pull us in and make us question...What is coming next?
I live for these moments in the movies I watch, the stories I read, the shows I see...and just like every other person on this planet...I put together an expected resolve that is truly satisfying when it lands in the lap of expectation.

Lets be completely honest here...there is something truly fascinating about unstable things. Human the scene of an accident...the fight that broke out in grammar school...the guy who stood up and proposed to his wife at the basketball game on the jumbo tron...We are drawn to the moments where we can find something new out, watch something shocking happen, be apart of an amazing moment. So leaving our listeners anticipating the next part of the song by changing the length of the lines...sure...that makes sense.

When I find myself in future decisions, trying to reach new levels, climb to new heights, touch the sky where i've never been...I for one will be taking the stairs to get there.

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Stuck on the stairs of this two story house

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  1. First of all WOW. About so many things. You kept everything driving right to the hook, and even though I wiped a tear away, the last chorus left the story emotionally fulfilled.

    Also, you have a very pleasing voice. Nice finger-pickin', too. :-)

    And I KNOW it's about them being "stuck on the stairs"--but I think that the simpler title of "Two Story House" has a nicer ring to it. Just my two cents. :-)

  2. This is just awesome. Love how you moved the story forward. Absolute goose bumps when i got to the WHY. Brilliant! Terrific imagery from start to finish.

  3. Wow indeed. Beautiful song! Country artists should be lining up to sing this one.

  4. This is totally great. The song grabbed me right away and kept me interested all the way through. The imagery is fabulous, the story moves and flows. Excellent job!

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