Friday, 1 March 2013

A number of years ago, i sat at a round table in a room with more than 200 songwriters. All of us on the edge of our seats, heads tilted, pens drawn like swords as we listened closely. I watched his feet, runners I believe, as he weaved in between tables speaking to the anxious room. I remember thinking…who is this guy? What does he know about songwriting that I don’t? 
And by the 30 minute mark of hearing him speak…it was pretty clear…he knew everything I didn’t. The inflated balloon in my head began to shrink quickly…and i couldn’t stop smiling.
I guess you could say that my first experience with Pat Pattison was a little unpredictable. I listened closely, opened my mind, laughed at his spontaneity, marvelled at the way he took lyrics that we all shouted out and created a song right there in front of us that not only made sense, but had a pretty cool hook. 
In these days leading up to Challenge 2013…I am excited to not only dive in deeper into the mind of this man, but embark upon a journey into honing my own craft that much further.
I have written over 600 songs to date. Happy songs, sad songs, story songs, pop songs, celtic, folk, rock, blues, christmas and many other that I cannot pin point stylistically. I recently challenged myself to write/record and put together a video on Youtube once a week called Seven Day Songs…and as a music teacher/band coach, devoted father of 6 and a passionate creator…I am positive that this experience will lead me to understand the writing process that much better.
Collaboration in any walk of life leads to new invention, and every great work that I have ever seen, heard or touched has come through that very process.
I look forward to meeting all of the songwriters who are taking part in this course. Listening and sharing thoughts that will take my songwriting craft to the next level.


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