Monday, 17 March 2014

Suddenly Love is - SAC Challenge Week # 4 The Cliche

There are two kinds of people in this world...

Those who write a cliche into their songs, and those who write many cliche's in their songs. (Check out this collection of TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE movie clips)

An original idea is extremely hard to achieve. Take the image above for example. If you look up love in Google images, you will find countless pictures of silhouetted couples kissing... Although we love great ideas, and new things, we feel comfortable ordering the same food, buying the same clothes, telling the same stories to different people day after day.

My father always told me "That good guys finish last" "You only live once" "If the shoe fits...wear it" "Dont hold your breath" "Quit while you're ahead" "Better late than never" "It never hurts to try"...and "never play leapfrog with a unicorn"

K that last one wasn't fact none of them were, but when I hear or read these expressions, I think of him. A cliche is a very powerful tool in writing, and Christopher Ward "Hit the nail on the head" when he spoke of the importance of a cliche in a hit song. Upon further research...every hit song has a cliche in it...if not many. Think of the ironic cliche of Nickelbacks Rockstar. Nickelback who rose to fame and impacted so many singers with an original voice and great tunes...and then...cliche after cliche song that has turned most of the music world against them. This very song here lists all of the cliches around being a rockstar...which Chad Kroeger now has (hockey rink inside his house in the out back) and of course 56 million views on the video alone. Cliche's work. The big challenge is writing something original around the cliche that makes it stand out.

So for me...this week...I listened...I read...I looked around...and settled on a familiar cliche starting with "LOVE IS". Christopher himself used this in a hit song for Alanah Myles. why not start there...I thought. Also sticking with last weeks journey...I decided to start this song with the chorus

Suddenly Love is

Suddenly Love is, love is just a place
Suddenly love is love is just another word that you cant explain
Love is love is just a face
That you can't erase 

Lips press down on a cigarette
light another up and you take a breath you
cough and close your eyes and  focus

Climb into the car in the parking lot
Look into the mirror with the same old thought
will anybody even notice

Foot to the floor, and the race is on
Try and get away from a ticking bomb
Drive into the dark before the world it closes (Chorus)

Suddenly Love is, love is just a place
Suddenly love is love is just another word that you cant explain
Love is love is just a face
That you can't erase 

Lost in the riddle of the radio
Heart beat pounds against your throat
Its hard as hell to See the signs  

Flashback  flickers, painful pictures, 
Time is quicker, everytime you wait...for the right..

And the red light, turns white...You can't stop...
or change your mind...You are caught between 
the faded yellow lines... 
Honestly its Hard to breathe,  I see your ghost
Slip into a  memory, cant let go
Honestly Its Hard to breathe breaking glass, the empty street,
the faded past is Out of reach, fear is taking hold


I tried to use as many cliche's as possible without stepping on the potential of the song. They are bolded above.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and listen to the tune.

"Until next time" "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" "Another day another dollar" "Always look on the bright side of life"...and blah blah blah.

Cheers everyone

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