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One Night - SAC Challenge 2014 Trusting the Subconscious

      Trusting the subconscious.

There is so much happening behind the curtain of our conscious selves. From blinking eyes to beating hearts, the breath that fills our lungs to the yawn that takes us over when we see someone else do the same. It's true that we can play around with trying to control these functions of our bodies...but they don't need us meddling in the everyday actions of their routine. If we were truly aware of every experience we undergo, every conversation we over hear, every little detail we unravel in our memories...there is a good chance we would all be lost in the labrynth of our minds making communication in the outside world almost impossible.

The subconscious songwriter is a pretty magical thing. I am sure I am not the only one who has sat down with a guitar or at a piano and wrote an entire tune as if someone was dictating what to say. In fact the first 100 songs I wrote primarily came out that way. I was protective of them, as if they were works of art that someone had painted and to change them or touch them in any way was against the laws of nature. I do miss those early songs, and the simplicity of how they came about.

The week before music became my life's passion, I was sitting in my video game store. I had purchased it a few years before and during the days things were kinda slow, so I sat in the back staring up at the monitor just in case a customer came in. On the desk in front of me was an open book. Empty pages waiting patiently for me and my guitar to write something new. In this challenged state, I spent 2 hours writing a song called "Broken". My defeat and lack of joy behind the counter of a store when all I really wanted to do was play music, was captured in a song that my brain had put together over the last couple months. The song was in a minor. It was slow...and heartwrenching, and when I reached the end of its creation, I was at the bottom of the ladder. I needed something to pick me up. It was in that moment that I had decided to sell the store and pursue music full time. I spent the next 25 minutes writing a song that would not only be on my first album, but be the lead track, win me the Bear's Rock Search and soon be charting across Canada. 
I was much younger than...for those that know me now. This was filmed in 1998...and didn't come out till 7 years later. 

Now back to the subconscious. I am a firm believer that much of what we say, and almost all of what we write is coming from the subconscious. Put together nights, weeks, months and even years before. Its the reason it flows out of us sometimes. It has already been written.

This weeks song came to me out of an actual experience and as I reflected and took part in daily writing...I tapped into all kinds of things from this week and the past that related to the idea.

ONE NIGHT - is the title.

Sometimes we only need to catch up on sleep to put everything back together. I say it to my kids when they wake up in a bad mood...I feel it in myself when I burn the candle and push too hard. The brain is no different than the physical effects we feel in forms of aches and pains...and like our muscles and needs to not only recuperate...but reprogram and file away the thousands of events that happen to us everyday. If we push to hard, our brain like our bodies and cars need fuel...and coincidentally...this weeks song was written after I ran my vehicle out of gas.

Now you might be wondering, how does one do that. There are warning signs, lights, sounds to remind you. There is a reserve in the tank that should get you to where you are going. And the funniest thing about this running out of gas scenario...its not the first time I have done it. In my life, it has happened 5 times. I have established the primary reason it happens, and a few secondary's. The main reason  is a positive thing. It centers on my belief. I believe I wont run out before I get to the next station. So i push the limit. I'm cocky and think that it won't happen to me...until it does. 

The tow truck that came (i had young children in the car to witness moment) took almost 2 hours to arrive. I would have walked, but this was on a highway and my kids that were with me are 7 and 9...and for the first time in my life, I had recently purchased CAA. They were hook me up. But two hours? When the guy arrived, I walked up to his Cab trying to speed the process up. You see they give you 10 liters of gas to get you to the next station. As I neared the drivers door, I
saw something quite strange indeed. You see this guy's tow truck was a flat bed. And pinned up against the back on the flat bed itself...scared shitless...was a tiny little cat. On the outside. Shaking, scared...and probably just used up a few of its lives on the 60 minute trip it just took to come and rescue me. The driver was completely unaware that he had a stowaway.

Now what happened next was nothing short of comical. As he went to the compartment on the outside of his truck to retrieve the Gas was nowhere to be found. This guy travelled 60 minutes to come give me gas...and he brought no gas! 
These are moments when laughter is the only weapon you have. So he hoisted me and my kids up on to the flatbed and drove us to the nearest station.

Even tho, my bad day was nowhere near as bad as this guys...Sometimes staying in bed, seems like a much better idea. Hence the reason for this weeks song.


Thanks for listening, and reading. 
Appreciate it.

North Easton

One Night - North Easton
I don't wanna wait for another bad day to find me
Every time I look there's another closed book behind me
Open up the shutters no I won't get up
Take away my covers but I won't get up
I don't wanna face another bad day
Inside me
One night to clear my head
I'm too tired to make it out of bed
Stuck in the middle of a life that just wont change
One Night to let things go
Too many times I am woah
Stuck in the middle of a riddle I can't escape
Stuck in the middle of a riddle I got, and yes little less thought about the things that make me go.
I dont wanna think about the chase, I dont wanna waste a minute
Focused on the finish line
But everytime i see the same old day after day I stop and
settle for the red light
Roll over but I wont get up
Start over but I wont get up
I dont wanna wait for another bad day to find me.
One night to clear my head
I'm too tired to make it out of bed
Stuck in the middle of a life that just wont change
One Night to let things go
Too many times I am woah
Stuck in the middle of a riddle I can't escape
Stuck in the middle of a riddle I got, and yes little less thought about the things that make me go.
I keep falling..Somebody..catch me. Somebody Catch me
I keep falling...somebody slow me down x2

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